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Tango teacher 2020:

Danielle Charonnet!

Danielle Charonnet offers a free guided practica and three workshops:

Free guided practica: Friday June 28, 19-20

Workshop 1
Saturday June 29, 10-12.

Improve your pivots' technique to be able to dance in a reduced space.

Workshop 2
Saturday June 29, 13-15.

How to keep the line of dance... and your creativity: orientations and dynamics to dance in harmony with the other couples.

Workshop 3
Sunday June 30, 10-12

Let's share the axes!

Price: 230 SEK/ws

Venue: Umeå Folkets Hus, Skolgatan. 59

Please, note that the venue can be changed until one week befere the event.

Private lessons

During the period June 19th and July 9th you can book private lessons with Danielle. Come as a single or as a couple. The price is 60 Euro per hour. Send an e-mail with your request to

Danielle Charonnet took her first class of tango in Paris in 1998. She lives in Buenos Aires since 2004 where she’s currently teaching tango. Beside, she’s continuously training in body awareness, biomechanics, ballet, technique for group and individual improvisation, yoga pranayama, incorporating elements of these disciplines in her practice of tango.


As a tango dancer and teacher, her main focuses are the awareness of the posture for each member of the couple to move harmoniously and efficiently, and the connection for the two dancers to embrace and improvise together.

Chacarera teachers:
Siv Lundström and Marcelo H. Alvarez

Chacarera workshop

Friday 12.30-14.00

Price: 150 SEK


Chacarera is an easy and amusing dance and we are sure that we will have a lot of fun learning and dancing it. More and more people want to learn it. We made some workshops in Stockholm this year with a lot of students that now can dance it in the milongas!


Marcelo H. Alvarez: Maestro de Danzas Folkloricas Argentinas teaching in primary schools and in Escuela de Danzas Tradicionales Argentinas in Buenos Aires. And since 2005 he teaches Folkolore, Tango and Canyengue in countries as Germany, England, France, Nederlands, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.


Siv Lundström has danced tango since 2002. She has been teaching in different cities and tango organisations. She has also been travelling to different festivals in several countries.

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