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Tango teachers 2023:
 Dulce Lauria and Adrian Ferreyra

Tango Norteño welcomes you to a summer bright Umeå for a wonderful long tango weekend with much more than 30 hours of tango! We also offer tango workshops with Dulce Lauria and Adrian Ferreyra, from Somos Tango, Stockholm. 


Dulce is a sensitive dancer with analytical wits and years of teaching experience, Dulce loves to guide students in their tango process with an emphatic and practical approach. Adrian is a dedicated and passionate tango dancer and teacher for most of his life, Adrian is known for his capacity to see through their students and find the right tools to help them.

All workshops are in Miklagård, Umeå Folkets Hus. 

Workshop 1
Friday June 30, 18-19:30

Building the turn - Using and coordinating our weight to understand and execute giros in the music.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Workshop 2
Saturday July 1, 10-11:30

Giros to navigate the pista - Continuity and possibilities.

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced. 

Workshop 3
Saturday July 1, 13-14:30

Sacadas for the dance floor - Discrete and useful sacadas for social dance.

Level: Intermediate

Workshop 4
Saturday July 1, 15-16:30.

Sacada combinations - Constant connection while changing direction.

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced.

Workshop 5
Sunday July 2, 10-11:30

Rhythmic combinations - Enrich a simple move by developing rhythmic variations

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced.

Workshop 6
Sunday July 2, 13-14:30

Waltz (int/adv) - Exploring dynamics

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced.


Workshop price:  250SEK/workshop

Venue: Umeå Folkets Hus, Skolgatan. 59

To register: please fill in the registration form on MLT registration page.


  • Beginner: completed a basic course tango

  • Intermediate: completed the Intermediate course and danced at practicas 2-3 years

  • Advanced - Thinks about tango 24/7/365.

Private lessons

Adrian and Dulce will have 6 workshops during the weekend and in addition there is the possibility to book private lessons. Workshops cost SEK 250/piece for approx. 90 minutes.


The price for private lessons is SEK 800 per 60 min and you can easily pay these with Swish directly to Adrian or Dulce. The order of the workshops is determined by the registration date. For registered couples, the earliest date in the couple applies. This applies until June 1 when the distribution of singles takes place. After that, both couples and singles are accepted subject to availability. Workshops and private lessons also take place at Folkets hus but in the Miklagård premises.

Private lessons (Miklagård) Thursday afternon or Friday morning and afternoon. 

Private lessons can be booked by calling Torbjörn Hornliden on O7O-5637132 or via messenger.


Dulce Lauria is an accomplished tango dancer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She acquired her love for tango at the age of 18 and began developing her dance at the city's legendary milongas. As a sensitive dancer with analytical wits and years of teaching experience, Dulce loves to guide students in their tango process with an emphatic and practical approach.

Adrian Ferreyra, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been a dedicated tango dancer and teacher for most of his life. For 12 years, he was an integral part of the DNI Tango School, where not only he served as a teacher, but also mentored other teachers as pedagogic chief. Adrian is known for his passionate approach to teaching, always willing to go the extra mile to help his students to achieve their goals. He is a respected and sought-after teacher, who is dedicated to passing on his love and knowledge of the dance to all tango enthusiasts.

In 2020, Adrian and Dulce began a new chapter in their career and their lives by partnering up. Since then, they have taught and performed together in Buenos Aires and Europe, and now they have moved to Stockholm to establish their own school with friends and colleagues Juan Pablo Canavire and Sara Westin, called Somos Tango Stockholm.

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