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We are grateful that you want to be part of the Midnight light tango festival in 2024. 


The MLT 2024 is fully booked now

This is for the latest applicants: When we receive your order, we calculate your price and send an email with the amount and payment information. Once your payment has reached our accounts, you will receive a payment confirmation within 10 days.



The hotel is conveniently located from Milongan. The distance is only 100 meters. Use the link below for further information and when you book and you will receive a 20% discount.  
Single room non-cancelable: SEK 1227/night – 20% = SEK 981/night.

Single room that can be cancelled: SEK 1,442/night – 20% = SEK 1,153/night

Double room non-cancellable: SEK 1,297/night - 20% = SEK 1,037/night.

Double room that can be cancelled: SEK 1525/night – 20% = SEK 1220/night

Booking link: Elite Hotel Mimer, Midnight Light Tango Festival Important - Use this link!


The distance to this hotel is approx. 500 meters. As a participant to our event, the hotel offers a 20% discount. The price includes both breakfast and a dinner buffet. The Hotel offers special prices for tango visitors per night. The rooms can be canceled.

Single room SEK 925

Double room for 1 person SEK 999

Double room for 2 people SEK 1111
Link to the hotel: First Hotel Dragonen

We will do our best to find accommodation for those of you who prefer staying in a private home. There will be limited opportunities that will be allocated on a first-come, first-served principle. If you are interested in this, please tick the checkbox in the registration form.

Whether you want to stay in a hotel, B&B, hostel or in a cottage, there are more options
in the Umeå region
. The old prison is a spectacular one!

The city of Umeå

Umeå is northern Sweden's most populous municipality and many roads lead here. Umeå Airport, only a few kilometers from the city centre, is one of Sweden's busiest. You can also travel here by car via the E4, E12 or by train, via the Botniabanan. You can also travel by sea across the Kvarken from Vaasa in Finland. The distance from Stockholm is 640 km.

  • Visit Umeå, website of Umeå Tourist Office

  • Wheels National. Wheels is a event for classic car enthusiasts and takes place the same weekend as MLT2024. You can´t miss it. It is worth mentioning that visitors to Wheels also need accommodation and the hotels are usually fully booked during this weekend.

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