Midnight Light Tango 2020 welcomes both former and new festival participants. We hope that this 9th festival will be as formidable as the previous ones.    


  • Four days and nights of milongas

  • Your price for all milongas - a milonga pass - is SEK 950. 

  • Including a warm-up and after-party milonga

  • Food can be ordered: Three meals for 450 SEK or pick single meals: lunch Saturday 120 SEK, dinner Saturday 250 SEK, lunch Sunday 120 SEK.

  • The best music from our international well-known DJs

  • the most spectacular midnight light ever experienced

  • You can also pick single milongas.

See prices under Schedule.

  • Wednesday, June 17, is the last day for ordering/cancelling of meals during the festival.

  • If you want to support us in marketing of the event, here is a link to a PDF with MLT flyers you can print and distribute in your town. 


The warmest welcome from the North !!

Useful informaton

Midnight Light Tango is organized in Umeå, Sweden, by Tango Norteño