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Midnight Light Tango 2023 welcomes both former and new festival participants. We hope that this 9th festival will be as formidable as the previous ones.    


  • Four days and nights of milongas

  • Your price for all milongas - a milonga pass - is SEK 1100. 

  • Including a warm-up and after-party milonga

  • Food can be ordered:  We are currently negotiating the prices and terms for the food, dinner and lunches. More information will be available soon. 

  • The best music from regional and international well-known DJs

  • the most spectacular midnight light ever experienced

  • You can also pick single milongas.

See prices under Schedule. We prefer payment system Swish, but you can bring cash also, SEK, Euro, Pound or US Dollar. 

  • Monday, June 19, is the last day for ordering/cancelling of meals during the festival.

  • If you want to support us in marketing of the event, here is a link to a PDF with MLT flyers you can print and distribute in your town. 


The warmest welcome from the North !!

Useful informaton

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