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"The one who enjoys the most, wins!"

Regarding the publication of still images and video









Midnight Light Tango 2023 announces that the event will be documented in words and pictures.

Publication will take place mainly on MLT's Internet site and other tango associated internet sites.

Individuals who do not want to include images (or texts) that may identify her/him, can register in advance in writing their reservation to the event managers. The event managers will thereafter contact the individual (s) to discuss the modalities of their reservation.


There are many rules to absorb around the milonga. Some of them more as a guide than as unconditional obedience. MLT 2023 gathers experienced dancers from all over the world.

We are as dancers very diverse, loaded and sometimes overloaded with a kaleidoscopic view of how to achieve maximum pleasure during the milongas. To allow for these different cultures to happily marry during MLT 2023, we have copied a few guidelines, worth to consider;


  1. Maintain a lane 

  2. Look before backing up

  3. Avoid passing

  4. No Parking

  5. Never ZigZag

  6. Don't monopolize the space

  7. Avoid dangerous moves

  8. Don't talk, dance !

  9. Dance with the room

  10. Ask before merging

  11. Clear the dance floor when the cortina begins



Principals of Tango Floorcraft  


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