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DJ Vivi La Falce

Vivi is on her European tour 2023 and MLT has the great pleasure to have her as DJ on Friday afternoon and Saturday evening, the main Milonga.  

DJ Jenny

Tango has been Jennys  passion since the late 1990s; dancing as a follower and leader, teaching, dj-ing and working to spread curiosity about tango music. “The last ten years it became clear that I experience connection strongest in close-embrace dancing and with traditional music, mainly from the 30s and 40s. Therefore, this music is always the core of my dj-ing, together with carefully selected cortinas”.  As a DJ Jenny is focusing on comprehending the mood of the event and her ambition is always to bring the best out of the connection between dancers, music and movement and encourage people to be a part of the dancefloor with a smile.  


DJ Berit


When I started to DJ many years ago, it was to get to know the magic tango music, a desire that just grew. Small intimate milongas or big festivals, it is equally exciting to invite the dancers to my mix of classic "treasures" for social dance. Rhythmic, lyrical and dramatic tones that make the legs shiver heart to melt. A kick for me as DJ is to play music that fills the piste with enraptured dancers, tanda after tanda,  right up to "La Cumparsita". 

DJ Carina

Carina is a long standing passionate tango dancer and her motivation as a a DJ is to inspire you to dance tuned to your intentions and express them in your every step. Her selection of music is a fresh mix of energetic and soft tandas that balance enticing rythms and strong melodies. Her tandas intertwine in a remarkably creative way, and her timely choices never fail to surprise you with that little extra when you least expect it. Carinas music draws on the treasure trove of the golden age, a mix of classics with a hint of contemporary, guaranteed to keep you in a tender embrace throughout the milonga.


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