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Born in Argentina, studied Music and Theatre both in Buenos Aires and London.

For the last 9 years he‘s been the resident dj at Negracha Tango Club, London’s biggest milonga while also djing in all London and many UK Milongas.

He has also been djing in major worldwide festivals and milongas including  Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Buenos Aires and many more.  His work at milongas is mainly to create the journey the dancers will take that night through the music, for this he selects the songs varying constantly the atmosphere of the night. The core of the night will be based on golden era orchestras, but it depending on the night, modern orchestras will be added to the mix. He loves music in general, he loves the night and he loves to keep people dancing till even after the milonga is over.


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A well balanced meal. That is my motto. Fibers, colourful and crunchy bits, exciting tastes, spicy surprises and deliciously light and sweet highlights as well as rich and mature dishes. That’s what I’d like to serve in a milonga.


I dj regularly at milongas in Stockholm and Linköping. This year I also travel for gigs in Härnösand, Malmö, Bad Schwalbach (Germany), Nijmegen (Holland) and Randers (Denmark)





Wolfgang has been dancing with great enthusiasm, passion and musicality since 2006. He started DJ-ing in 2016 because he wanted to delve even deeper into the music. He focuses on traditional music that brings the dancers on the dance floor keeping them there until the end of the milonga. The music of the 30s and 40s has his preference where he aims to maintain a beautiful energy throughout the milonga. 
In Germany he regularly plays music in Cologne, in Wuppertal and in Hamburg. He has also played in many international Encuentros and Marathons, for example: Italy, France, UK, Spain, Portugal and Austria.  




I love happy dancers and I like to influence their mood: to add romance for those in love, energetic music for the active ones, more complicated music - for the warmed up ones. But my favourite thing at a milonga is when the dancefloor becomes one body, when people dance not only with one another and the music, but with other couples, floor, DJ and the space, as though time does not exist.


I play the golden age music, but according to the mood there can be dosed inclusions of younger music. And chacarera! I love it so much!

Umeå, Sweden

Jenny helped build up the tango scene in Umeå and Skellefteå in the late 90s and early 2000s. She has regularly dj-ed for Tango Norteño in Umeå since 2012, and this will be her 7th Midnight Light Tango. She is commited to tango in many ways; currently chairperson of Tango Norteno, DJ, tango teacher, of course, dedicated close-embrace dancer. 


Her aspiration is to play golden age music that encourages people to dance, enjoy themselves and possibly discover something new within the well-known.



Stockholm, Sweden


When I started to DJ many years ago, it was to get to know the magic tango music, a desire that just grew. Small intimate milongas or big festivals, it is equally exciting to invite the dancers to my mix of classic "treasures" for social dance. Rhythmic, lyrical and dramatic tones that make the legs shiver heart to melt.


A kick for me as DJ is to play music that fills the piste with enraptured dancers, tanda after tanda,  right up to "La Cumparsita". 


The Netherlands

Tango music is my passion. Many stays in Buenos Aires have provided even more inspiration. My heart is at the Época de Oro; it is very satisfying to play the best tangos from this period. I'm regularly DJing in The Netherlands and Germany, including festivals & encuentros, such as 'Ronda del Querer Kassel', 'Milonguero La Cadena Nijmegen' and 'Encuentro de Primavera en Bremen'.


My DJ set consists of a richly varied mix of energetic and sensitive, romantic tandas. In doing so, I follow the mood and taste of the dancers. I like to give the dancers the right energy, from the first to the very last tanda. By combining lively cortinas I make sure that every milonga will be a ‘fiesta'!

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