JUNE  25 - 28   2020

UMEÅ, Sweden


UPDATE 2020-03-28: Registration has not been opened yet, the organisers at Tango Norteno is preparing a decision on how to proceed. Decision will be made on 2020-04-06.


In the very light of lights, during the brightest season of this northern hemisphere, around the shift of June and July 2020. Again, for the 9th year, there will be an ambitious tango event in Umeå that will offer more than 25 hours of argentine tango while the sun doesn´t set. It is a very popular tango event. In 2019 we had more than 180 dancers from 19 countries present on Saturday evening. If you visit and "like" our facebook pages you can follow our updates. 


Event: Coming soon

Webb:  https://www.facebook.com/MidnightLightTango/


Midnight Light Tango is organized in Umeå, Sweden, by Tango Norteño