Midnight Light Tango Marathon, Umeå Sweden, 2017

  JUNE 29 - JULY 2  2023
UMEÅ, Sweden

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 Update 2022-04-28:  Instead of MLT 2022. 25 years anniversary of Tango Norteño.

Instead of MLT, Tango Norteño decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary since the tango association was founded in 1997. So, save the date,  from Friday July 1 to Sunday July 3rd 2022, there will be a mini tango festival in Umeå. A total of 5 milongas, and teachers, and a concert, and experienced DJs. So, the registration will open soon. We will use the MLT webpage and communication plattform for this singular event in 2022 - Instead of MLT. 



Update 2022-04-20: 


Tango Norteño has made the decision to cancel MLT 2022. 

The reason is that the we cannot have access to the main venue - Översten - mostly due to bureaucratic reasons following the pandemic. Moreover, our alternative venue - Väven - is not available. So, without acceptable dance venues we cannot deliver the mesmerizing tango experience we aspire for. However, we will start planning for Midnight Light 2023 in september and the registration is planned to begin in March 2023.  Please follow our facebook page for future updates about MLT 2023, JUNE 29 - JULY 2  in UMEÅ, Sweden. 


In the very light of lights, during the brightest season of this northern hemisphere, around the shift of June and July 2023. Again, for the 9th year, there will be an ambitious tango event in Umeå that will offer more than 25 hours of argentine tango while the sun doesn't set. It is a very popular tango event. In 2019 we had more than 180 dancers from 19 countries present on Saturday evening. The event was cancelled in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  If you visit and "like" our facebook pages you can also follow our updates on facebook. 


Event: Coming soon

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MidnightLightTango/